Garden Museum Pavilion Competition


Proposal for a permanent small pavilion and curved walled garden at the entrance to Lambeth Green, to create a new public realm and park adjacent to The Garden Museum. Our proposal was runner-up in the open competition which attracted 128 submissions, with landscape design to be done Dan Pearson Studio.


Inspired by English walled gardens, and the delight of the 18th century landscape folly, Crinkle Crankle — our proposal for a wavy serpentine wall — integrates functional elements within an eye-catching new entrance to the park and museum.


The design alludes to ancient fortification and the history of this important site, and the curved brickwork is tactile and sculptural whilst it’s diamond-motif, inspired by Lambeth Palace, references the historic context. The ‘crinkle crankle’ wall (a term from old English dialect) encourages biodiversity, public interaction and enjoyment.


The plan responds to key desire lines with its main entrance highly visible from Lambeth Bridge, next to the replanned road junction. To either side of the main entrance, a volunteer space and potting shed / equipment store is accommodated discreetly by thickening the entrance wall.


The competition brief sought to achieve an integration of architecture with landscape design and horticulture, while drawing the attention of passers-by and acting as a new entrance to the Museum. The pavilion will support and showcase the work of horticultural staff, volunteers and trainees.

Project Source

Open competition