1 to 100 Office Concept, London


Entry for a competition organised by the British Council for Offices NextGen group, for “The Office of 2035″. Following a survey of current business directors, we identified three key themes: how to provide office spaces that allow for rapid company growth; a focus on spaces that encourage in-person collaboration; and the desire for workplaces that are positive for the well-being of staff.


The concept is to enable a company to grow from 1 to 100 staff. As rapid growth is common when companies receive external funding, and the ability to add staff as required is critically valuable for these businesses; as such this represents a rich opportunity for building owners and operators.


The proposal identifies the ‘Garage’ as the ideal starter space for a company – about 400 sqft, flexible layout, big enough for up to 8 people, and secure. In a steel primary structural frame, an innovative and efficient CLT slab proposal would enable plywood partitions between adjacent spaces to be removed to allow a company to expand. We imagined this process through a large 1:50 plywood model showing the development of a company from co-work, to Garage, to taking half a floor.


We selected an underused car park site near London Bridge as a location for our proposal. A 16-storey tower contains 224,000 sqft of flexible-use workspaces around the perimeter and co-work areas along a central axis. A series of double-height amenity spaces, generous external terraces, and distributed event and fitness spaces will create a positive community within the building. The floorplates are designed to allow a wide range of arrangements from smaller ‘Garage’ units with occasional use meeting spaces, up to large open-plan spaces. The proposal includes 3.4m high ceiling, max. 10m from windows work areas, and very high energy efficiency services.


The proposals were developed in collaboration with Max Fordham services, Michael He, and Pell Frischmann structures. Our submission was placed eighth of 34 entries.

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