Cooke Fawcett | Corbyn Street II, Finsbury Park
Cooke Fawcett Architects was set up in 2015, combining the significant experience of its two directors Oliver Cooke and Francis Fawcett whilst working at Stirling-prize winning practice Herzog & de Meuron Architects on major UK and international projects.
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Corbyn Street II, Finsbury Park


Direct commission for a series of roof and rear extensions to a terraced house on Corbyn Street, in Finsbury Park, Islington. This continues our record of consents for roof extensions in this area, which until recently were not consented.


The major improvements include turning it from a 3-bedroom house to a 5-bedroom plus study, with a generous open-plan ground floor kitchen-dining room that opens onto the garden, with a built-in window seat in the new rear bay window. Both clients were focussed on creating rooms atĀ upper levels for working from home, with an emphasis on acoustic separation from the main house.


The visible side faces of the new roof mansard are covered in slates, with dormer windows to front and rear. The ground floor extensions facing the garden are unified by being covered with vertical larch boards.

Project Source

Direct Comission


Design and Planning 2019-20; Construction 2020-21