Workplace Without Boundaries Pavilion, Stratford


Competition-winning entry for Lendlease, to design public realm structures for mobile working at International Quarter London in Stratford. A successful collaboration with YOU&ME, this is the first structure to be built of a family of proposed house-profile elements which are variously grouped, rotated, and scaled up.


In an environment of large commercial buildings, the colour and life of the landscaped spaces are key, and these structures provide inviting human-scale spaces among the attractive planted areas. The structures respond to the change in contemporary work practices by embracing mobile technology and the new work-from-anywhere reality.


In the case of this “amphitheatre”, the house profile is turned onto its side and stretched to form the 11m long shelter, located to face events and screenings in the British Council offices. Externally, brightly coloured aluminium shingles refer to the tones of the plants and flowers, and relate to the other future structures. Internally, paired glulam beams bring warmth and tables and built-in chairs with armrests provide space to meet, work and take calls.

Project Source

Competition (1st place)


Competition 2018; Construction 2019