Corbyn Street, Finsbury Park


Direct commission for a rear extension and loft conversion in Finsbury Park.


The first of its kind on this street near Stroud Green, this project will provide a valuable additional level on the existing property. New space created will include a new master bedroom suite, including ensuite bathroom.


At ground level the project includes a generous new kitchen extension to create far more space for family life and greatly improve the connection to the garden.


The existing building was subjected to severe bomb damage during World War Two. As a result, the building is a mix of original and new brick work and flanked front and back by 20th Century housing developments. The proposed rear elevation refers to this patchwork of old and new brick and introduces a new unifying brick lintel combined with a robust band of engineering brick at low level. The elevation has been arranged to create a generous connection to the garden from kitchen and dining spaces without compromising privacy and creating a sense of being overlooked by surrounding flats.


Project source

Direct Commission


Design and Planning 201819; Construction to start 2019