Peckham Observatory


This 3.5m-wide, 32m-long raised platform spans the entire width of the car park, its steel support beams cantilevered at both ends. Two staircases at either side provide an elevated promenade and on the northern tip the balustrade position at the half-landing provides unencumbered views of London.


The deck and steps are made of full-width hardwood timber decking, and three areas of custom-designed benches and sun-loungers are planned. Timber handrails on the upper level are angled to provide natural places to lean and rest, taking in the artwork and activities taking place on the roof of the car park, with Frank’s Bar at the far end.


Nestled underneath the steelwork is a timber-framed box painted dark blue. This kiosk will provide Bold Tendencies with much-needed space for staff, serving as an information point, ticket booth and shop. It will also act as a hub for the Bold Everywhere educational programme.


The new structure has been achieved on a very low budget as Bold Tendencies took on the project management themselves and worked with local suppliers and contractors, making this a thoroughly Peckham endeavour from start to finish.


Photos by Peter Landers Photography and Mireia Bosch Roca

Project Source

Invited Commission